Alpha Scientific Electronics
Alpha Scientific Electronics is a world leader in the design, manufacturing, and testing of high current precision power supplies. Applications for these power supplies range from particle beam accelerators to battery charging to medical instrumentation.

We specialize in units above several kilowatts. Units that are typically larger than “off-the-shelf” standard power supplies. Our ability to customize the units to customer specifications insures us a unique position in the marketplace. We take pride in the fact that we will design and build your power supply exactly to your specifications, without trying to sell you our closest “standard” product.

Solution Spotlight: Australian Synchrotron
The Australian Synchrotron storage ring consists of 28 dipoles, 56 focusing quadrupoles, 28 defocusing quadrupoles, 98 sextupoles, 42 horizontal correctors, 56 vertical correctors and 28 skew quad correctors. The 28 dipole magnets are series connected and powered by a single 24 pulse power supply that was designed, constructed and tested by Alpha Scientific Electronics in collaboration with the Electrical and Control Engineering Teams at the Australian Synchrotron, Paul Bellomo at SLAC and Stan Cohen at Los Alamos.